School Intramural Coaching

Grade 0000 – Grade 3

Our coaches are available to lead PE lessons that’ll offer every child the chance to develop basic ball skills. Our main aim is to prepare the little ones for Primary School sport by getting them active and cheering them on! So while teachers focus on the books, we’ll take care of PE.
Fees are tailored to each school’s specific needs and are based on:

• the size of the class
• the age of the pupils
• the duration of the lessons
• the physical environment
• the school’s budget

We’d love to give you a complimentary demonstration and meet with you to discuss your school’s needs.


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Extramural Coaching

Ages 2 ½ years – 9 years old

Beginning with Busytots, children from the age of two and a half can work their way up to Busychamps classes. Our extramural classes take place at schools, sports clubs and community halls during the school morning, and after school. If your child is home schooled or doesn’t yet attend school, drop us a line and we’ll help you find your nearest Busyballers venue. You’re also welcome to find out more about our age-appropriate classes by filling out our contact form {links to contact us page}. We’ll be in touch with a handy guide that details what your child will learn at each level of the programme.

Your child’s first lesson is free and you’ll only be invoiced for the term if you decide to continue with the programme.


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Great skills for good sports

Take a look at the amazing skills your child will learn through the Busyballers programme.

Gross motor skills

Spatial awareness
Core development
Crossing the mid-line

Cognitive Skills

Body image
Colour recognition
Number recognition
Shape recognition

Social Skills

Listening skills