Let’s Play Ball

Want to get your little ones active, engaged and excited to hit the field? Enrol them in our classes packed with popular ball sports! Our experienced team of coaches will help your children build fitness and confidence as they advance from play time to game time.


The Busyballers Programme

or as we like to call it, “having a ball!”

We believe it’s essential that children are encouraged to engage in physical activity from a young age. That’s why we partnered with leading healthcare specialists to develop an innovative sports programme, filled with learning and laughter!
Through creative games and activities, we introduce children to the wonderful world of sport in a friendly, inclusive environment. Every child is encouraged to progress at their own pace, and as they do, they learn valuable skills that’ll enhance all areas of their lives. From making new friends to booting a ball, children are free to practice and play without fear of failure.


Our Ultimate Goal

At Busyballers, we love scoring goals but our ultimate one is to ignite a life-long love of physical activity in children by engaging them with positive sporting experiences.

The Busyballers Mantra

“Developing every aspect of a child’s life through sport.”

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Our PE lessons and extra mural classes are packed with learning and laughter. Book a free lesson today!

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Additional Services

Got a market, holiday club, event or party to plan? We’ll take the stress away, the BusyBallers way!

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Age Groups

From Busytots to Busychamps, there’s high-fives all round in our age-appropriate classes!

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There's something for everyone

Whether your little kicker is scoring goals in the garden or just getting to grips with co-ordination, there’s a place for him or her in our programme. Using positive teaching methods, creativity and specialised equipment and exercises, we cater for all children of all ball skill levels.

The Busyballers Pledge

Our commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of our training and we’re passionate about developing your child’s sporting ability without any fear of failure or rejection.

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“Sportsmanship for me is when a guy walks off the court and you really can’t tell if he won or lost, when he carries himself with pride either way!” ….

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obstacle course

Top Gun Party Theme

‘I feel the need, the need for speed!’ These were the words chanted by the children at Sam’s 5th birthday party as they weaved their way through our Top Gun Fighter Pilots ….

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Variety – the Spice of Life

For the purpose of my first blog post, I thought it would make sense to chat about how I came to buy Busyballers and, why to me, it is more than simply just sports coaching ….

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Happy Mail

  • We cannot thank you enough for the amazing effort you made for Sam’s party, you guys really went above and beyond to make it so much fun for the kids and extra special for Sam. I received a lot of messages from parents afterward to say that their kids said it had been the best day ever. Straw was fantastic, making each child feel like a champion- remembering all their names and motivating them in the most gentle manner.

    Neil and Carine Goss
  • Here at Ready Steady Go we pride ourselves in the fact that we have Busyballers as an extra mural. Busyballers has been part of our little school for many years and the children get very excited on a Friday when they know its Busyballers day. It is an awesome program that really teaches the child a holistic approach to learning and loving life through exercise. It is always fun and seeing the smiles, enthusiasm and progress in the children is just wonderful to observe. We have been fortunate enough to have the best coach for many years – his name is Straw and he is just simply awesome and loved by all the children and even our parents.

    Debbie Bold
  • Scarlett so enjoys her Busyballers class, especially the fun obstacle courses. Each week is different and varied. The teachers have a gentle approach and are great with kids!